A Case Series of Hemichorea due to Non Ketotic- Hyperglycemi | 45780

Revista de neurología y neurofisiología

ISSN - 2155-9562


A Case Series of Hemichorea due to Non Ketotic- Hyperglycemia with Unique MRI Brain Finding

A K Roy, Nadig Raghunandan, GRK Sarma and Thomas Mathew

Hemiballismus- hemi chorea (HB-HC) is an uncommon disorder, mostly seen among the people in Asian region. Recent reports have revealed that it is associated with non-ketotic hyperglycemia. MR spectroscopy in the present study showed a low NAA/Cr, suggesting pronounce energy depletion and neuronal dysfunction. Scientists observed that unilateral lesions occurred in elderly diabetic patients in striatum due to hyperglycemia. Our study reveals that, dyskinesia in elderly diabetic patients leads to an initial manifestation of diabetes among the both sexes.